Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your HEDIS Processes?

Is Your New Year's Resolution to Improve Your HEDIS Processes?

With the New Year almost upon us, are you considering making improving your HEDIS performance your New Year’s Resolution? That’s definitely an admirable resolution for the New Year. Keep reading to learn more about improving your HEDIS process and how HEDIS Nurses can help you make your New Year’s resolution come true.

How can I boost my HEDIS performance?

HEDIS scores are extremely important for health plans. If you are looking for ways to increase your HEDIS scores, there are a few steps that you can take. The first is to focus on improving healthcare documentation. By utilizing new health IT solutions and increasing preventative screening rates, you can boost your HEDIS scores. Transitioning reimbursement contracts to value-based payment models is also good if you are looking to boost your HEDIS scores. The main goal should be providing excellent care, documenting it accurately, and boosting preventative care for patients. By implementing these changes, you can work to boost your HEDIS performance.

What if I am falling behind on HEDIS work?

If you start to fall behind on HEDIS work, you are not alone. There are many tasks that need to be completed and it can be difficult to stay on top of all that paperwork. Thankfully HEDIS Nurses is here to help! We have been assisting health plan providers with their chart abstraction and HEDIS work for years and would be happy to provide our services to you as well. If you truly want to make good on your New Year’s resolution, we can help make that a reality.

Why should I trust HEDIS Nurses?

You might be wondering why you should trust HEDIS Nurses with your HEDIS work and chart abstractions. There are many reasons. First, we have over 2021 years of experience and are backed by the Datafied name. We also only hire the most qualified chart abstractors and through our proprietary software, they can work remotely in-tandem with your in-house staff. We are the best in the business and can help you boost your HEDIS performance in 2021.

If you need assistance in gathering medical records or chart abstractions, HEDIS Nurses can help!

At HEDIS Nurses, we know the importance of your HEDIS performance. It can have a big implication on your bottom line so it’s understandable that you would want to make a goal to improve your HEDIS process. It’s a great New Year’s resolution to make, however, it’s important to realize that this takes some real effort. If you need assistance boosting your HEDIS performance, contact us today at (877) 328-2343 or

To learn more about the reliable and quality HEDIS and chart abstraction services that we offer, visit us on the web at HEDIS Nurses.