How to Improve HEDIS Reporting

How to Improve HEDIS Reporting

Not sure how to improve your HEDIS reporting? Keep reading for tips on how to boost your overall HEDIS reporting strategy!

  1. Automate Data Collection
  2. One of the most important things you can do to improve HEIS reporting is to automate your data collection. Forms are critical for capturing key patient data required for HEDIS reporting and they also are a great tool for standardizing the capture of data about patient care and health. However, paper forms can be misplaced or have entry errors. To take things a step forward, you should really have a proper EHR system implemented that can prefill portions of forms to avoid errors.
  3. Track and Address Non-Compliance
  4. Documentation is critical for data collection and HEDIS reporting. High-quality clinical documentation is key in HEDIS reporting. Documentation also provides the ability to work with providers to proactively counter negative quality scores. With EHR technology, you can assign flags and alerts for when HEDIS services have been performed, which notifies health plans that they need to be sure the documentation is thorough.
  5. Automate Your EHR Data Extraction
  6. EHR systems have many benefits, one of which, is that you can actually collect data from the claims database directly. This saves time and money and also reduces the resources you need to pull information from the medical records. With EHR systems, you can easily export that data into a readable format based on common standards. This makes the entire process easier and more accurate.
  7. Keep Everyone Informed
  8. It is also essential to keep everyone in the loop informed. Let medical offices know when you will be collecting data at least 2 months in advance, and follow that up with weekly reminders so the requests don’t slip through the cracks. Also, keep your own staff informed of timelines and deadlines so they can prepare accordingly. HEDIS has a lot of moving parts, but by having strong communication you can ensure the team works efficiently.

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