HEDIS Nurses is Hiring Today!

HEDIS Nurses is Hiring Today!

Are you looking for a job? Are you a qualified chart abstractor? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that HEDIS Nurse is currently hiring. For those looking for a job with HEDIS Nurses, keep reading to learn more about who we are and how you can join our team of chart abstractors!

What is HEDIS Nurses?

HEDIS Nurses is a division of Datafied, a leading document retrieval, and management company that has been around for decades. As a specialized division of Datafied, we assist health plan representatives with their HEDIS projects. From consulting and full-scale utilization to one-off chart abstractions, we help with it all.

What are the benefits of working for HEDIS Nurses?

HEDIS Nurses is a great team to work for! Not only are we backed by the quality Datafied name, but we also have many other benefits. First, we allow flexible hours and the ability to work from home. You can provide your chart abstraction services anywhere, anytime, which allows for a great work-life balance. In addition, we also offer training and professional growth opportunities, with continued training through the well-respected Teachify App. If you are looking for a company that offers reliable income in a vibrant community of over 300 nurses, HEDIS Nurse is the place to be.

What are the requirements to join HEDIS Nurses?

At HEDIS Nurses we are interested in bringing qualified chart abstractors onto our team. In addition to being a chart abstractor, you need to be reliable, dedicated, and have quality communication skills. The ability to work remotely is also required as all of our work is done remotely.

Contact HEDIS Nurses today to apply to join our team!

Are you a certified chart abstractor looking for work? If that’s the case then HEDIS Nurses might be a great fit for you. Since 0 we’ve been providing quality chart abstraction services and other HEDIS assistance to health plan providers. We are always looking for dedicated and determined individuals to join our team and are proud to continue expanding our team. There are many benefits to joining our team, including the ability to work from home on a project-by-project basis. Our application process is simple and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Give us a call today at (877) 328-2343 or visit our website to submit your application.

To learn more about the reliable and quality chart abstraction and other HEDIS services that we offer, visit us on the web at HEDIS Nurses.