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HEDIS Measures Phoenix, AZ

It’s that time again…HEDIS season is upon us. While HEDIS reporting Phoenix AZ is crucial for the success of many health plan providers, that doesn’t mean it is easy or fun. In fact, it can be a very stressful process, as representatives from various health plans rush to format their reporting queries, collect the appropriate data from patient surveys, medical charts, and insurance claims, create abstracts, and then crunch the numbers to arrive at HEDIS effectiveness measurements.

Find HEDIS Nurses Phoenix AZ

With help from the networking connections available at HEDIS Nurses, parts of this process get a little bit easier. We maintain a network of qualified HEDIS nurses Phoenix AZ with a broad range of specialties. When a plan provider contacts us with a project, we look carefully at the specific HEDIS measures Phoenix AZ under review and then select nurses with the appropriate expertise. You can trust us to provide only the best nurses for your projects.

HEDIS Abstractors Phoenix AZ Provide Accurate Chart Abstraction Services

Using our certified HEDIS Navigator Software, we enable plan providers to funnel all or part of the charts in their sample to our qualified HEDIS abstractors Phoenix AZ. The abstractors then work remotely to review the charts and create highly accurate abstractions that contain all of the relevant details in the proper format. These abstractions can then be sent electronically to the plan provider’s data analysis team for easy use in their HEDIS reporting Phoenix AZ.

Join HEDIS Nurse Network Phoenix AZ

You don’t have to wait for HEDIS season to start looking for abstraction jobs. If you are a skilled nurse with experience in HEDIS measures Phoenix AZ, send us your resume now and get prequalified to work as an abstractor on our network of projects.