Health Plans Should Partner with HEDIS Nurses

What is HEDIS Nurses?

Health Plans Should Partner with HEDIS Nurses

HEDIS Nurses is a leading business in completing HEDIS projects for organizations and health plans. We help relieve the stress and pressure of HEDIS chart abstraction by providing top professionals and state of the art technology. As HEDIS projects become larger and more complex, organization work are increasingly more difficult to manage, Hedis Nurses can help.

Why partner with us?

HEDIS Nurses can assist health plans with every aspect of HEDIS projects and chart abstraction. We have a network of professional and experienced HEDIS coding nurses. We are able to assist with your plan from consulting to a full-scale utilization HEDIS projects. Our network are experienced at handling your organizations entire sample, part, or even just be on call during the stressful HEDIS time of the year. We also have access to use a state of the art Navigator Software to offer our nurses and their abstraction services completely online. Know that when you partner with us you have our full support to complete all of your HEDIS needs. Here are some reasons health plans are partnering with us.

  • Outsource all or part of your HEDIS reporting. You can choose which specific measures you would like assistance, from complete internal HEDIS projects to parts.
  • Reduce recruiting and training costs. You can select from our established network of qualified HEDIS abstractors that are ready to start on all of your project needs today.
  • Provide safeguard against project pitfalls. Since there are so many unpredictable events and a lot of short time frames to meet, every health plan should have a back up plan in place. When you team up with us, we make sure you have a safeguard in place.
  • Flexible policies, procedures, and software integration. Our team is easy to work with and will find a way to fulfill all of your HEDIS project needs. We make the process simple using experienced and trustworthy people to make it happen.

Give us a call today!

Give Hedis Nurses a call at (877) 328-2343 today! Don’t wait any longer to reach out to us to meet your HEDIS project needs. We can partner with you to complete any small or large HEDIS project. Know that you are teaming up with an experienced network of HEDIS nurses and a leading business in the industry. Give us a call today!