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Where do HEDIS professionals work?

Are you a nurse who’s interested in working on HEDIS measures? Do you have the necessary qualifications, including an advanced educational background, clinical certification such as LPN, RN, or MA, and the ability to aptly use various computer programs? If so, it’s important to know where you’ll be working, and in what way. We have ... Continue Reading >>

Why is HEDIS important?

HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) is an important evaluation of doctors and hospitals that checks for progress and finds areas that could be improved. Setting goals becomes easier when hospitals and doctors are aware of past performance. Providing patients with an excellent level of care while still maintaining efficiency and financial balance is ... Continue Reading >>

HEDIS Nurses Help Cut Waste In the Healthcare Industry

Most nurses would agree that striving to improve patient care is one of the most important concerns for healthcare professionals. Nurses have always been an essential part in this desire for progress; they tend to spend significant amounts of time ensuring that patients get the best treatment and follow up possible. Nurses can also use ... Continue Reading >>

HEDIS Nurses Find Another Pathway to Patient Care

Most people find jobs for practical reasons only. They want to make enough money to pay bills, take advantage of group benefits, or save for retirement. Healthcare professionals often enter their careers with another goal in mind. They want a job for all of those practical reasons, but also want to go home every day ... Continue Reading >>